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Tapping Grooves Vol.1 

"Josh is a wonder! Using a mastery of the tapping technique, he creates beautiful and fulfilling solo bass music. His new book, "Tapping Grooves: Vol. 1" invites you into this world by providing clever, well-formulated etudes that are as fun to play as they are educational. You'll enjoy working on them so much, you won't notice how much you're learning!" 

- Michael Manring, grammy award winning bassist, educator 


“Josh’s “Tapping grooves: VOL.1” is an excellent resource for bassists hoping to expand their use of tapping techniques in a musical, song driven way. After a comprehensive intro of explanations and coordination exercises, you will jump right in to 27 songs in different musical styles, all using tapping to create rhythms and melodies and harmonies. An entertaining way to learn!”

 - Stu Hamm, world renowned bassist, educator,  author


“Josh Cohen is one of the greatest solo bass players on the planet and this book delivers excellent insight into how he approaches polyphonic two hand tapping. Not only are these examples fantastic for an aspiring solo bassist, they also work extremely well when playing with a full band.”

 - Rob Smith, bassist, educator, author

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 8.29.30 PM.png

This is THE book for aspiring bassists! Every time I see and hear Josh play, I can’t help but feel a little awestruck – so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book.  In Tapping Grooves: Vol 1, Josh’s open discussion of technique and approach to practice provides a real insight into the mind of an exceptional bassist and musician.

- Zander Zon, solo bassist, YouTube celebrity


Josh Cohen’s Tapping Grooves VOL. 1  superbly combines technical/practical advice with beautiful music. Whether one is starting or advancing on their tapping journey, the step by step approach from setup tips to foundational exercises and technique drills pays dividends! Then, the reader gets rewarded with several beautiful and inspiring pieces of music in a variety of styles. I am a huge fan of Josh's as a bassist and tapping soloist! And now I am a fan of him as a teacher as well - this educational book hits the mark! Highly recommend and looking forward to Volume 2! 

- Ariane Cap, bassist, author, educator, blogger


Tapping Grooves: Vol. 1 is a transcription and play-along book for 4, 5 and 6-string bass guitars containing 27 different tapping grooves. These grooves are intended to show the modern bass player how to use tapping techniques to create multi-layered polyphonic grooves that emulate the sound of entire rhythm section. Each of the grooves contained in this book come with access to unique play-along recordings featuring both a sample of the groove and a drum/percussion track in which practice your own playing!

Freedom - Solo Bass Transcription Book 

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 8.24.02 PM.png

This book contains all the complete transcriptions (notation and tablature) for all the solo bass compositions on my 2020 album Freedom. Along with the transcriptions are photos, detailed performance notes/tips and information on the gear I use. Putting this together was a lot of work, but I was happy to do it knowing that this could serve as resource for those who are interested in exploring some of the techniques that are a part of my playing. 

List of Published Transcriptions for Purchase

*the copyright owner gets their fair share of the royalties from each purchase

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